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Japan's Hot Spring Idols Get Animated Promotional Video11 July 2018
Last year Enbound, Inc. introduced the planet to Onsen Musume (Hot Spring Girls), a multimedia idol project with support from Tokyo Otaku Mode and Daiichi Kanshin.

The story goes that Sukunahiko, the god of hot springs, summoned nine Hot Spring Girls to combat the decline interesting in hot springs by Buy Aura Kingdom Gold forming an idol group "SPRiNGS". The girls be guardian deities and so are voiced by seiyū and designed individually by different character designers. Animation studio Doga Kobo brought the idols together with regards to first animated music video featuring their first song "Mirai Imagination!" (Future Imagination!).

The project is ultimately planning to become a game and television anime, but is working on musical projects for the present time.

The project is owning a crowdfund to boost five million yen by April 28 hoping introducing more and more people to Aura Kingdom Points Onsen Musume. Rewards include character bromides, a five track mini-album, keychains, T-shirts, along with merchandise. 
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