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Listing 5 biggest drop shipping companies

Posted on 5 November 2018 at 12:52 PM

1. Chinabrands

chinabrands.com is one of the most favoured drop shipping platforms by sellers from all across the world. It offers an enormous range of products with lucrative discounts to be drop shipped to various parts of the world. Chinabrands as a very strict and stringent system of monitoring the product quality, ensuring that the customers receive only the best quality products from verified sellers only.

Although the conventional dropship method suggests weak control over sellers and the quality of the products, yet chinabrands has a very well built system which ensures the quality of each product which is purchased from the website. It has also partnered with many worldwide known brands for shipment and delivery which promises within 24-hour delivery for most of the products. With over 5,00,000 SKUs and more than 10,000 products added every month along with its Chinese orientation, Chinabrands is for sure one of the biggest drop shipping companies.

2. Myonlinefashionstore

It is one of the best fashion and apparels drop shipping companies based in California. It provides one of the best and the most affordable fashion dropship companies for women. It is a sister concern of ccwholesaleclothing which is the wholesale destination for clothing. Thus having its roots with clothing giant eventually gives the company an advantage in apparels. The fashion store updates its products on a daily basis, with new products being added each day. The website myonlinefashionstore dropships the products all over the world. All the shipping is done from the warehouse located in California.

The seller has to create a dropship account n ccwholesaleclothing and upon approval of the account, the orders on the website can be placed. Once a seller sets up a dropship account, the minimum $100 restriction is removed from their account. This company has the option of blind drop shipping which means at the will of the e-retailer, on a plain package the details of the retailer would be written on the package and sent to the customer.

One of the flaws that were noticed was on the website was that the membership fee charged for drop shipping services is too high and not easily affordable for someone who does not want to engage into drop shipping business on a very large scale.

3. Market.dropwow

Market.dropwow is one of the most well-known drop shipping companies which deal in footwear. It has one of the largest collections of footwear as a drop shipping supplier. Market.dropwow is a technology-driven stage that totally automates drop shipping activities for proprietors of online stores. Market.dropwow lets internet business stores do what they specialize in, which is to advertise items through their online stores.

Market.dropwow takes what was earlier a time consuming and a troublesome aspect of drop shipping and automates it, enabling on the web stores to keep their concentration on the web marketing and strategising, as opposed to in their operational areas. Market.dropwow provides a typical internet business strategy that enables a dropship retailer to be in charge of its online store and showcase the products.

Dropshipping is to a great degree well known in light of the fact that the plan of action has low initial costs, generally on the grounds that it enables retailers to dispatch straightforward from the producer to the buyer and market.dropwow effectively works on the model. The new platform connects online business dealers to dropshipping makers and retailers. It is a 100 per cent automated web-based business technique and is accessible to online stores in the United States. Plans are in progress to grow to European and Asian Markets soon. Most drop ship requests are fulfilled from China. The main disadvantage of market.dropwow is that it is not that effectively functional all across the world.

4. Aliexpress

Aliexpress being one of the biggest names in drop shipping industry provides exclusive 3C drop shipping stores which provide various kinds of 3C products. Aliexpress is known internationally for its technology-oriented products. Thus as a 3C drops shipping supplier, aliexpress does not need to prove its expertise.

Aliexpress has several stores dedicated to 3C products ranging from remote controls to LCD to adapters- anything electronic you name is available on the aliexpress drop shipping website. Aliexpress is a part of the Alibaba group which is a re-known e-commerce giant spread across many continents and operating in major economies of the world. It has a customer support which is well versed in almost all the majorly spoken languages of the world. Aliexpress is known for it's on time and expedited delivery.

Being a drop shipper maintaining a quality control and fulfilling all the commitments is what has made aliexpress a favourite among aliexpress dropshipping sellers. It has an altogether different section for reviews from genuine buyers in which all the reviews are listed category wise and product wise. The warranty terms and the return and replacement policies are very clearly mentioned on the website which makes it easier for the buyer to choose which product suits him the best.

5. Partsmultiverse

Partsmultiverse is a dedicated automotive wholesaler who recently has started providing drop shipping services to the e-retailers. Partsmultiverse has been operating as a wholesaler in the automotive industry for long and thus taking the advantage of the experience in the industry, it began to dropship. Partsmultiverse is a highly consumer-oriented company and does everything to provide ultimate satisfaction to the customers.

The company also permits the retailer to send them the packaging and templates of invoices printed with the retailerís name so that the customer does not know that drop shipping was involved in the transaction. If a retailer orders in huge quantity, the company also has provisions for providing discounts on the products. Partsmultiverse has a lot of options to make payments thus making it easier for the e-retailers to do business with them.

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