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An incredibly FIFA 19 talented footballer

And for people who like to play it out from the spine, his 75 short passing must be more than good enough to start your transition into attack.

What an awesome card it is and somehow costs only around 1,100 coins, probably because individuals only check out his 76 pace.

Jean Michael Seri is definitely an incredibly talented footballer and is also a pleasure to work with in FIFA 19.

 On the surface, this card doesn’t appear to Buy FIFA 19 Coins be anything special with 81 dribbling, 71 shooting, 73 defending, 82 passing and 73 physicality. But once the thing is some his in-game stats, you’ll understand.

Seri can unlock any defence using a lovely mix of 84 vision and 86 short passing while his 84 long passing also can create problems.

His 88 balance, 84 ball control and 81 agility lead him to incredibly tough to tackle too.

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