August 6, 2005 - dream

*offo! Can you hear me? Last night was a fantastic dream, never before! You were like a real. In the beginning you were quite angry, but then ... not that angry. Good flicka :-)

Really like a real ...

I am trying to d/l Alcazar, are they really good? Has Pay TV anything except Trendy Discoteque? Nico has uploaded photos of them ... Nice photos, as about PayTV  ...  gamla  kvinnor LOL.

Again about dream ... you  are the best

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August 6, 2005 -

Posted by anri
а чего не по нашенски то?
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September 4, 2005 -

Posted by keruah
психушко за углом, гражданин. какой еще pay tv в россии? :)
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June 14, 2006 -

Posted by anri
у мини за углом пивнушко.
какой еще нах пай тв? ни знаю такова
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