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Kids In Fashion

Target’s newest Kids’ apparel and accessories brand, is in session! The trendy line is all about encouraging kids to express themselves through what they’re wearing, just like an actual art class.

The line kicked off with a limited-edition collection called The Class of 2017, which was co-designed by a group of 10 notable kids whose interests range from singing and dancing to cooking and surfing, and are known for their creativity and ingenuity.

The Class of 2017 includes 13-year-old YouTube sensation and singer Johnny Orlando, 14-year-old tech guru Mercer Henderson and 7-year-old model, actress and globally-recognized young fashionista Haileigh Vasquez, among others.

With most items under $20, the spring assortment features edgier and expressive everyday apparel for kids including jersey dresses, joggers, tropical-printed track jackets and tie-dye denim.

We had the oportunity to contact Haileigh Vasquez, and this is what the Dominican-American fashion designer said about this exciting experience.

Latin Times: What sparked your interest in fashion?

Haileigh Vasquez: I started modeling as a baby. My parents discovered my love for fashion when I took my first steps chasing after a purse. Now, I’m really into being creative, so I draw all the time and even cut and stitch different colored and patterned fabrics together.

LT: Why did you decide to collaborate as a fashion designer for Target? When and how did Target contact you to be part of The Class of 2017?

HV: Target reached out to me last summer to share its plans for Art Class and see if I’d like to participate as part of The Class of 2017.

LT: What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer? What role did you play in the design of the collection?

HV: Honestly, I love everything about being a fashion designer. It was so much fun to touch and see the different fabrics of the Art Class collection. I also really enjoyed being involved in every part from sketching to last minute touches. It means so much to me to be able to see my ideas come to life!

I worked with Target’s design team at their headquarters in Minneapolis to co-design two pieces in this collection, and also shared my feedback on the other items that they created for Art Class. I loved working with Target. I think it’s awesome that they’re listening to kids and letting us be part of the design process for this new fashion line.

LT: How do you define your creative process?

HV: I would describe my creative process as magic! When I see a color or style I like, it’s almost as if a fashion alarm goes off in my head alerting me that something amazing is about to come to life.

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