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How to Wear Dresses If You're Not a Girly Girl

Posted on 21 April 2017 at 05:25 AM - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Image: Cheap bridesmaid dresses uk
A bit of background: Im not a girly girl. The vast majority of my wardrobe is leather and denim, and my friends would have a collective heart attack if I veered into the world of printed dresses and delicate slips. Sick of feeling like Im missing out on spring fashion, though, and annoyed by this classic case of trends clashing with personal style, I cornered our resident not-so-girly girl, Fashion Director Natalie Cantell, seeking advice for pulling off a spring dress in a way that still feels like me.
Cantell long ago figured out how to wear a dress without sacrificing her penchant for menswear-influenced pieces. When designers started dressing her for fashion week, she tells me, she quickly had to figure out how to style things in a way that toned them down a bit and made them feel more her. I needed to know what she knows: How do I wear a dress without feeling like Im playing dress-up? I asked.
I get it! she says. For me, dresses are like lipstick. I love it in theory, but it doesnt feel like its meant for me. But Cantell promises that wearing a dress is not as hard as Im making it out to be: Theres plenty you can do to make a dress feel like it belongs on you, especially with a few key pieces on hand, she advises.
To prove it, Cantell took three new-season dress styles from Topshop and turned them into hero looks for not-so-girly girls everywhere. Layer away!
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Beyoncé Asks Court to Dismiss $20 Million "Formation" Infringement Lawsuit

Posted on 19 April 2017 at 09:28 AM - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Image: Cheap bridesmaid dresses uk
Beyoncé has asked a federal court in New Orleans to toss out a copyright infringement case filed against her in connection with her hit track, Formation. You may recall that the estate of the late New Orleans-based rapper Anthony Barré better known as Messy Mya filed suit against Beyoncé in February in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana for allegedly sampling Barrés vocals in her song.
According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs own a number of protectable copyright interests, both in the musical composition and the sound recording, to Anthony Barrés original and unique works of performance art, including Booking the Hoes from New Wildings. Barrés estate further alleged that Beyoncé and co.s willful infringement of [Barrés work] has harmed the Estate of Anthony Barré because, among other things, Anthony Barré was not properly credited for his contributions to Formation and Lemonade.
Well, as of late last week, Beyoncés counsel filed a motion to have the case dismissed, arguing that Plaintiffs have grossly overstated Defendants use of the YouTube Videos. While they allege that Defendants used the YouTube Videos in the sound recording and composition of the Song and during the Super Bowl halftime show, these allegations are disproven by the works themselves. In reality, the snippets from the YouTube Videos were used only in the Music Video and, to a lesser extent, during the Live Performances.
Additionally, Beyoncés legal team argues that Formation only used a total of approximately ten seconds of audio from two YouTube videos featuring Anthony Barré walking through the streets of New Orleans speaking to the camera and interacting with others along the way. About six seconds of that same audio was played at Beyoncés performances of the Song during the 'Formation World Tour.'" That six seconds consists of Barré saying, What happened at the New Orleans and then saying, Bitch, Im back by popular demand.
Such a short duration of usage is not actionable, according to Beyoncés motion to dismiss, which states, Even in the absence of a license, however, the use of ten or fewer seconds of audio from the YouTube Videos is protected by the fair-use doctrine. [Note: Fair use is one of the most common exceptions or defenses to copyright infringement. Generally, it refers to any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and transformative purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner].
With the foregoing in mind, Beyoncés team has asked the court to dismiss the case in its entirety.
The suit at hand comes on the heels of a 2016 lawsuit in which independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks alleged that Beyoncé infringed his copyrights, claiming that the trailer for her Lemonade HBO special is nothing more than a copied version of his short film, PALINOIA. In documents filed in federal district court in New York last year, Fulks alleged that nine visual similarities amounting to 39 seconds of the 60-second trailer are similar to images in his seven-and-a-half minute film. Those images include "parking garage," "feet on the street" and "side-lit ominous figures."
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Bow Back Top for Spring

Posted on 13 April 2017 at 05:39 AM - 0 Comments - Post Comment - Link

Image: Cheap bridesmaid dresses uk
I dont want to be unfair to all my other shirts, but this bow back top is the best shirt ever. Like you need to buy it now. Button front AND bow back in one top?! I mean, come on. Plus, it is only $58. It pairs well with these fun paisley shorts. Ill be honest, I am not usually a shorts wearer. While I have no basis of rational thought for this, I just dont feel as comfortable in them as I do in jeans or dresses/skirts. I have to admit, for a pair of shorts these fit really well and have a flattering cut. Shorts do have their place in a wardrobe too, especially in a climate like Oklahoma with 100+ degree summers. Ugh.
I was so excited when Banana Republic asked me to participate in their what moves us campaign. To be honest, so many things move me. My faith, my precious little family in Russ and Ivy Jean and my broader family, and my community of friends here in Tulsa are of course the key aspects in my life that move me. Im also motivated my being healthy.
Beyond that getting to be creative really moves me, and a lot of that creativity comes out in fashion for me personally. I love getting to dress differently depending on my mood or the day and try different styles of clothing. I love that I have gotten to connect with amazing women through this blog (who would have guessed?!). Women and feminism have had a big presence in the media lately, and I just feel so dang proud to be a woman. YOU all move me. You are brave, and strong, and talented, and creative, and intelligent, and you wear so many hats while juggling so many things. You are inspiring. I feel incredibly fortunate to get to have this little space on the internet, and it moves and motivates me everyday to be the best version of myself. Id love to know what moves you?
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"Temer al amor es temer a la vida, y los que temen a la vida ya están medio muertos. Bertrand Russell
Aquella cita se grabó en mi cabeza desde el día en que, leyendo entre líneas hace ya unos cuantos años, traté de entender y descifrar la definición más perfecta del sentimiento romántico. Leí sobre relaciones apasionadas, el amor cortés y, entre folio y folio, destacaban siempre las palabras inalcanzable, locura y desgarro.

Image: Cheap bridesmaid dresses uk Con el tiempo todas esas ideas se fueron disipando hasta que volvían a golpearme con fuerza, ya fuese leyendo Cumbres Borrascosas o viendo Los Puentes de Madison. El cine y la Literatura están plagados de historias de este tipo de amor que engancha y se mete debajo de nuestras almohadas para que soñemos hasta el punto de hacerlo realidad. Lloramos con el papel de Francesca, interpretado por Meryl Streep, cuando fue incapaz de abrir la puerta del coche de su marido para correr en brazos del flamante fotógrafo en la piel de Clint Eastwood. Entendimos que nunca serían tan felices como aquellos cuatro días porque les pudo algo más sólido que dejarse llevar por lo que dicta el corazón. Y así, infinitas parejas, divididas entre razones y emociones, quedaron y quedan condenadas a no comer perdices. La lucha interna entre el deber y el querer.
Pero no nos confundamos. Nos encanta desafiar al universo y apostar sin reparo por el final feliz. Nos fascina la idea de reunirnos con él cuando anochezca en lo alto del Empire State. Queremos el beso final de Desayuno con diamantes.
Porque lo cierto es que cuanto más complicada sea la trama, cuantos más obstáculos encontremos por el camino para llegar a conseguir lo que realmente anhelamos, mejor será el desenlace.
Y habrá merecido la pena."
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Coach Triumphs in Defamation Lawsuit Filed by Alleged Counterfeit Seller

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Photo: Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses uk
Coach, Inc. came out on top this past week in a defamation lawsuit filed against it by an online retailer of allegedly authentic designer bags. In her lawsuit against Coach, which was filed in April 2016 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio Western Division, Brenda Buschle owner of e-commerce site Designer Handbags Rescue claimed that Coach defamed her by naming her in a baseless lawsuit of its own, allegedly charging her with selling counterfeit goods and then wrongfully seizing control of the operations of her website.
Buschle claims that Coach initially filed suit against her in April 2015, alleging that she was an online counterfeiter who resides in the Peoples Republic of China or other jurisdictions that has sold, offered to sell, marketed, distributed, and advertised, and are still selling, offering to sell, marketing, distributing, and advertising products bearing counterfeit reproductions of the COACH Trademarks without Coachs permission. (She established in her own lawsuit that she, in fact, resides in and runs her website from Ohio. She further stated that her personal address is listed on her site).
Shortly after Coach filed suit, it filed an additional ex parte motion for entry of a temporary restraining order. The motion included an ex parte order to seize control of Buschles website, which the U.S. District Court for the Northern District Court of Illinois granted, thereby enabling law enforcement to shut down her site. As a result, her e-commerce site was replaced with pages that included statements, such as, WARNING: Website shut down! The online store that formerly used this domain has been disabled For the sale of products bearing counterfeit trademarks and to purchase authentic products, visit Coach.com among others.
Shortly thereafter, Buschle filed a lawsuit of her own, claiming that her website remained shut down and the false and defamatory statements remained on the website for more than 24 hours, thereby not only preventing her from accessing her site, but resulting in all of her existing and potential customers visiting the website [and seeing] the defamatory statements on the website. Buschles complaint went on to state that she does not offer counterfeit goods for sale on her site. Instead, she offers genuine goods as a result of her contracts with numerous authorized merchants, including liquidators and national department stores, to purchase overstock, closeouts, shelf pulls, display bags and even bulk-lot customer returns. She further noted that she only purchase[s] from vendors in the USA.
Despite Buschles claims that Coachs illegal actions have destroyed Designer Handbags Rescues reputation for selling genuine and authentic designer handbags at a good price, Coach was handed a victory this past week thanks to something of a technicality. Judge Michael R. Barrett dismissed the case, holding that Ohios federal district does not have proper jurisdiction to hear the case. In other words, the Ohio federal court was not the proper venue where the case should have been filed.
Judge Barrett held that the mere fact that Buschle lives in Cincinnati and therefore, ran her website from that location, was not enough to establish that the venue was proper. According to his decision, Barrett held that Coach is based in New York, and Ohio was not the focal point of the information [Coach] posted on [Buschles website].
He further stated: In fact, [Buschle] has not indicated that any of the visitors to the website during the approximately 28 hours the website was seized were from Ohio. As a result, he has dismissed the case and Buschle may now refile in New York if she would like to. More to come
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Does the Emily Ratajkowski Crop Top Look Work in Real Life?

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If you look beyond the supermodel exterior, 12 million Instagram followers, and perfectly toned abs, Emily Ratajkowski and I actually have a lot in common. She has a hard-to-pronounce last name like me; we share an unabashed love of extra-large hamburgers; and our mothers are both age-defying bombshells who embrace the idea of bikini selfies. Also, Ratajkowskis hair is brown, just like mine! (What are the odds?) Plus, she called out Piers Morgan on Twitter after he criticized her for posing on a horse while nakedokay, so not like me, but Im sure Ratajkowski and I would agree that Morgan could use some meditative breathing classes. And yet when it comes to style, Ratajkowski and I couldnt be more different. My look tends toward reserved and covered up; I consider the turtleneck sweater an all-year-round staple. But Ratajkowski? Shell flaunt lingerie-inspired bodysuits and midriff-baring crop tops no matter the time or place. In fact, she has managed to work the abridged shirt for just about every occasion, elevating it with a body-hugging skirt for a red carpet or dressing it down with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans when shes off duty. Hell, she even pumps gas in a crop top. Im personally more inclined to reserve my tiny shirt moments for long summer weekends alone in my air conditionerless bedroom.
Dark-Navy Floor-length Natural Sheath Short-Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress
Photo: Navy Bridesmaid Dresses
Nonetheless, her no-holds-barred approach to style has me mildly obsessed. (My byline is attached to at least three articles about her life in crop tops.) So when a colleague proposes the idea of dressing up like Ratajkowski for the day, I gamely accept the challenge. And since I dont like to do things by halves, I decide to call up the supermodel herself for advice. During our eight-minute-long conversation, I learn that shes been loyal to the trend since high school. Her golden rule for styling crop tops? Get the proportions right and you cant go wrong. I like oversize jeans a lot because they are very comfortable, so thats my way of balancing a crop top, she said. Revealing skin isnt always something that makes a look sexy. Its about balance. Ratajkowski describes herself as a feminist and has strong opinions on the topic of body positivitywhich begs the question, is the crop top her form of female empowerment? I think having the ability to choose what kind of costume youre going to wear according to what kind of woman you want to be that day is a really cool thing, she said. There is something very powerful about it. Noted and agreedespecially when the choice of costume is, well, Ratajkowski.
With that in mind, I pair a tight, off-the-shoulder black crop top with high-waisted vintage Calvin Klein mom jeans, black boots, and a mens army fatigue jacket the next day. Do I feel like Emrata wearing a crop top? A little, but it isnt as if Im fending off paparazzi on my way to work. I do get a head-turning reaction from my boss, though, who describes my outfit as a great date night look as I creep somewhat sheepishly toward my desk. Its the first sign that perhaps the office isnt the best place to give this whole crop top thing a spin. In fact, I spend the rest of the day with my arm around my stomach. (Side note: I have a belly button piercing, which is hardly in keeping with a corporate dress code either.) That said, when I slip into the more private setting of the fashion closet and let it all hang out, so to speak, I do get a compliment. Hot! says one of the assistants. Voilà! The Emrata effect is finally working its magic. Of course, trying to project that naked-belly fantasy on the job every day is probably a stretch, unless youre a supermodel, that is. As for me? Now that Ive broken the seal on my crop top anxiety, I can totally see myself wearing one for a weekend stroll in the summer with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Emrata would approve.
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