07/31/2005 - Anouk - Together alone

The album Together alone from Anouk (a ditch girl) is a very cool album from her. It is the first album what was released at 16-10-1997. This are the songs on it:


1 Nobody's Wife   
2 Together Alone   
3 It's So Hard   
4 The Other Side Of Me   
5 Pictures On Your Skin   
6 Sacrifice   
7 Fluid Conduction   
8 My Life   
9 It's A Shame   
10 Time Is A Jailer   
11 Mood Indigo


You must listen to it, a very cool album. Download here Part 1 and here Part 2



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07/28/2005 - Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden 1980

The first Album from Iron Maiden was a very cool album. Its from 1980 with the title: Iron Maiden. The numbers from this album are:


1. Prowler
2. Remember Tomorrow
3. Running Free
4. Phantom Of The Opera
5. Transylvania
6. Strange World
7. Sanctuary
8. Charlotte The Harlot
9. Iron Maiden


If you like this album you can download it here.



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07/28/2005 - Knoxville Spared Jessica From Sexual Antics On 'Dukes' Set

Think you've heard all the stories about hanky-panky during the filming of "The Dukes of Hazzard"? That you're already well-versed in rumors about just who Johnny Knoxville took advantage of and where? Well, it turns out the stories circulating were about the wrong couple. According to co-star Seann William Scott, Knoxville's kissing cousin wasn't Jessica Simpson it was him. Kind of. "Johnny Knoxville took advantage of me," Scott revealed.
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07/28/2005 - Music

My life is full off music. I have lots of original cd's and dvd's because i dont want illegal stuff.

Every day there is a new cd on the market, en the cd's i like etc you can read here.

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