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Начинаю переезд на новое место wingp.
Есть ещё вариант на отдельныё хостинг - пока ждем решения организационных вопросов.
Пока нет определенности, буду синхронизировать записи здесь и в вики на гугл-коде.

Update PhotoGP

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- add preview in Gray8/16, RGB8/16, CMYK8/16

- Color conversion is done through a formula, so the color distortion in the preview. In the future, we plan to do so through the color profile


Install Gutenprint for Adobe Photoshop

Posted in gutenprint / November 19, 2009
  1. Download PhotoGP archive
  2. Extract to any folder (ex. c:\PhotoGP)
  3. Copy photogp.8be to Photoshop Plugin folder (my path is "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\Import-Export\" )
  4. Right mouse click to My Computer -> Property ->Advanced -> Environment variables
  5. Create enviropment variable GPRINT_BASE. Set it to full path to gprint.exe
  6. Install packet GTK-runtime
  7. Run gprint.exe. If you see a About window - all good.
  8. Open your image in Photoshop.
  9. File ->Export ->PhotoGP

Gutenprint for Photoshop

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I did it...


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Download: gutenprint-5.2.4[1428 KB]


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Download: gutenprint-[1533 KB]

Static gutenprint-5.2.3 without cygwin1.dll

Posted in gutenprint / April 1, 2009
Version gutenprint-5.2.3 without cygwin1.dll available .
For install, copy folder plug-ins to default GIMP path:
C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\
Don't foget delete files previous version:
Environment variable STP_DATA_PATH contain path to xml folder. Set it, if you xml folder another place (path must be absolutely).

Download:[1.4 Mb]


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Обновил до версии 2.0.
  •   Работает preview
  •   Корректно работает поворот изображения
  •   Добавлена тестовая версия печати с icm
Версия не включает дистрибутив GTK.  Скачать GTK runtime  можно отсюда.
Скачать [5 Мб]

PS: печать с icm работает не правильно. Правим...


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Пакет консольных программ для экспериментов с Gutenprint.
Работает на основе ImageMagik.
Читать readme.txt и install.txt и если всё равно ничего не выходит пишите мне на почту или в аську.
Скачать [11 Мб]


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New as of December 22, 2008!

The Gutenprint project is pleased to announce Gutenprint 5.2.3, a stable bugfix release of 5.2. This release offers several important fixes for 5.2.2.

Releates Notes

Download: gutenprint-5.2.3[2.0 Mb]


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Copy/Paste from

Выпущена новая стабильная версия комплекта драйверов Gutenprint.

Изменений масса, упомянем самые основные:

  • переписанный заново и более функциональный драйвер PostScript;
  • добавлена поддержка широкоформатных PCL-принтеров (ч/б);
  • улучшено расширение для GIMP;
  • добавлены разрешения 2880×2880 и 5760×2880 DPI;
  • улучшена печать без полей;
  • добавлены новые алгоритмы дитеринга Ordered New (для печати ч/б с низким разрешением), Segmented и Segmented New (разница видна при использовании режима цветокоррекции Raw);
  • несколько новых регуляторов печати;
  • добавлена поддержка безумного количества принтеров.
Полный список изменений тут
Скачать: gutenprint-5.2.1 [2.0 Мб]


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Gutenprint 5.2.0-rc1, a release candidate of Gutenprint 5.2.
3) The CD position on the R1900 has been corrected.
4) Printing on the Epson Stylus DX8400/DX8450 has been corrected
(the CX8400 was corrected in the previous release). Previously,
these printers fed paper endlessly without printing.

5) The user manual has been updated.

6) Color and tonal correctness at low and medium resolutions has
been fixed on many Epson Stylus multi-function devices,

Stylus CX3500, Stylus CX3600, Stylus CX3650, Stylus CX5100,
Stylus CX4200, Stylus CX4500, Stylus CX4600, Stylus CX4700,
Stylus CX4800, Stylus CX4900, Stylus CX5000, Stylus CX5000F,
Stylus CX5700, Stylus CX5800, Stylus CX6000, Stylus CX7000F,
Stylus CX7800, Stylus CX8300, Stylus CX8400, Stylus CX9400,
Stylus DX4200, Stylus DX4250, Stylus DX4800, Stylus DX7000F,
Stylus DX8400, Stylus DX8450, PX A650

This issue affected printing at 720 DPI and below. This issue
was fixed for the Stylus CX7400, Stylus DX7400, and Stylus
DX7450 in Gutenprint 5.2.0-beta4, but not on other printers at
that time. Since then, we have determined that the same fix is
needed on these printers.

Output will be quite grainy at these resolutions, but colors
will be correct.


1) The GIMP plugin now offers additional options for many Epson
inkjet printers, allowing precise specification of drop sizes if

3) The GIMP plugin now offers reset buttons for individual
settings, so it is possible to reset a single setting to its
default without resetting all settings.

and more....
Скачать: Gutenprint-5.2.0-rc1 [2.8 Мб]


Posted in gutenprint / August 18, 2008
Gutenprint 5.2.0-beta4 is the final planned beta release of Gutenprint 5.2.
2) New printers supported in this release:
     - Epson inkjet printers:
       Offirio PX-B300
       Offirio PX-B500
       Stylus CX5500
       Stylus Photo R1900 (preliminary, further tuning may be performed)
       Stylus Pro 7800 (experimental)
       Stylus Pro 7880 (experimental)
       Stylus Pro 9800 (experimental)
       Stylus Pro 9880 (experimental)
       Stylus Pro 11880 (experimental)

7) The data in the Epson driver that was not converted to external data files in Gutenprint 5.2.0-beta3 has now been converted to external data files in XML format.  While this should yield no  user-visible change, these changes are extensive.  Please report any issues.

10) Borderless support has been added to the Epson Stylus Pro 7600/9600 and the margins have been corrected.

11) Quality presets have been added to the PCL (HP printers and laser printers).

13) Print quality has been improved on Epson PictureMate printers with 4-color inks.

14) Print quality has been improved on the Epson B-300 and related printers.

15) Print quality has been improved in borderless mode on a large number of Epson photo-oriented inkjet printers.  The specific issue is that print faded near the bottom of the page when using borderless mode.

16) Printing has been corrected in borderless mode on the Epson Stylus C110 and C120 printers.  The specific issue is that printing near the bottom of the page was compressed vertically. This problem is related to, but not identical to, the previous issue.

17) Print quality has been improved at very high resolutions (resolution settings of 2880x2880 and 5760x2880 DPI, or quality settings of Ultra Photo or Best when high quality photo papers are in use) on a large number of Epson photo-oriented inkjet printers.  The specific issue is that print showed fine lines (without actually fading) near the bottom of the page.  This issue was present in both borderless and non-borderless printing.

18) The GIMP plugin now offers additional options for certain printers.

19) Color Correction is now shown on the basic output adjustment menu rather than the advanced menu.

20) Epson printers will now correctly handle color output if quadtone inks are in use by printing in grayscale even though color is specified.

21) The Epson Stylus Photo R800 now works properly.  It was broken in 5.2.0-beta2 and would not print at all.

22) The Epson Stylus CX8300 and CX8400 now print correctly, although the colors may be retuned before final release.

23) Additional resolutions of 360 DPI Enhanced, 720x360 DPI Enhanced, and 720 DPI High Quality have been added for the Epson Stylus C110 and C120 to reduce banding at the expense of some output performance.  These offer improvements primarily for grayscale output.

25) The Epson Stylus CX7400, DX7400, and DX7450 now print correctly at all resolutions.  Previously, printing at 720x360 DPI or below was incorrect.  Output will be rather grainy.

26) The PostScript driver now correctly handles certain PPD files that were not correctly handled in recent releases.

27) The PostScript driver now provides default page sizes of Letter, A4, and Custom in the event that no PPD file is provided.

gutenprint-5.2.0-beta4 [2.8 Мб]


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Выпущена новая бета-версия комплекта драйверов Gutenprint.
* новые поддерживаемые принтеры (см. файл news).
* исправлена ошибка при печати некоторых строк на Epson Stylus CX3700;
* драйвер Epson переписывается с тем, чтобы использовать внешние (по отношению к бинарному файлу библиотеки) данные, и хотя конечный пользователь результат замечать не должен.

Скачать: Gutenprint Gimp plugin win32 v.5.2.0-beta3 [2.5 Мб]


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Welcome to Gutenprint 5.2.0-beta2 (!  Please read these release notes carefully. Gutenprint currently supports almost 900 printer models.
Gutenprint 5.2.0-beta1 is the first beta release of Gutenprint 5.2.
NOTE TO PACKAGERS: This is a beta release of the forthcoming 5.2 stable release.  As of 5.2 and until further notice, Gutenprint will no longer deliver separate "development" and "stable" release series.
   This release fixes a fatal bug that causes Gutenprint 5.2.0-beta1 to not initialize correctly.
   5) Support for generic large format PCL laser printers has been added.
   6) Many translations have been updated.
   7) The Canon iPixma 4500 has been fixed.
   8) L-size photo paper (3 1/2x5 inches) has been added.

Изменения в win32-версии:
    1) Переписан код работы с принтерами в пункте "Standart Command". Теперь можно выбрать принтер установленный в системе.
    2) Печать через "Standart Command" идет сразу в спуллер печати windows, поэтому нет необходимости в доп.пакете с cygwin.

1) При отмене печати не отменяется задание печати.
2) Приложение падает при некоторых операциях с сохранением установок плагина.


Таблица размеров бумаги (points, inch, mm)

Posted in other / February 11, 2008

Таблица размеров бумаги.

Скачать (html):[11 Кб]

Скачать (xls):[14 Кб]

GNU Bash для Gutenprint

Posted in gutenprint / February 7, 2008
В результате тестирования (особая благодарность Алексею Плотникову) выяснилось, что для нормальной работы плагина нужен GNU Bash. Поэтому, если у вас не установлен cygwin, скачайте пакет с требуемыми программами.

  1. Распакуйте архив в корень диска C:
  2. Запустите cygnus_reg.reg для настройки программы
  3. В системную переменную PATH добавте путь: c:\cygwin\bin
Теперь Gutenprint должен работать нормально.

Скачать: [1.76 Мб]

GutenPrint plugin для GIMP под Windows

Posted in gutenprint / December 14, 2007

Плагин печати (RIP) для GIMP, построеный на ядре gutenprint v.5.1.7. (от 5 марта 2008 г.) для Windows.


Скачать: gutenprint-win [размер: 1.76 Мб  дата сборки: 10 марта 2008]

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